Oportunidades Ve Y Actua

Geographical Areas Activities  


In this section you can find all the selected NGOs and projects that we have personally visited or contacted and we have analyzed them. In most of the case we have also contacted some international volunteers that were collaborating in this moment is these Projects, obtaining additional and very valuable information.
We have only included in this section approximately 20 % of the contacted NGOs, guiding for this selection of criteria of total transparency in the management and accounting, free ideology of political or sectarian, objective totally altruistic topics (100% non profit aim)…
We also provide (when possible) valuable information of each Project as for example if they provide free food and accommodation, minimum time of stay, ideal periods to go, photos of the projects, offices, catalogues, leaflets, bedrooms, wc, …
Besides the information showed in the web, we have most of the times more information available in our offices concerning to these NGOs or Projects, and you can also contact the person that have visited them if more information is required.
Once you have selected the Projects you are interested in, just contact them directly sending an email with your curriculum vitae and a motivation letter (including your preferences, motivation and period you will be available).