Place:Bikaner (India)

They need all kind of volunteers to help them in different activities (mainly people able to carry out activities in difficult conditions, with a good level of communication and capabilities to teach basic computer skills, maths, English, or develop other workshops for youngsters.)

Utmost professional organization in all senses, very commited to its project.

 Its philosophy: transmit to the youth leadership capabilities and social values, and provide them the means for in the future allow them to become social leaders.

They choose areas of their interest and are the promotors of the social change. They mentor the leaders of tomorrow, able to fight for their interests.

 They are achieving outstanding projects with the youth of Bikaner, running by themselves libraries in different parts of the city (even a mobile one), AIDS´ awareness campaigns, collecting thrash in parks and gardens, awareness campaigns about the use of plastic bags and other similar issues.

 They have had volunteers from all over, who have carried out all type of activities, from teaching English, to Arts´workshops, discussions about specific issues, a project consisting of taking  photographies of the city and then discuss them in group. With the help of an architect, they have designed and are setting up different gardens in the city.

 Up until now, their main areas of activity have been their services regarding the library, organising camps  and workshops of different topics: nutrition, health, rights and obligations, Institutions and their operative.  

They have a site (very rudimentary, in which they explain their philosohy, working areas/fields and some other things)

Tienen una web  (muy basica donde se explica filosofia, forma de trabajo, areas de trabajo y algunas cosas mas.

 Room and Board:

 Initially, this organization does not provide room nor boarding for the volunteers. However, it will help them to find a proper accomodation close to the working centres, if possible with a foster family (implying a room with its own bathroom) at a very cheap rate.

It is not recommended to go from April to June due to the high heat climate conditions in the Rajasthan region.

It is mandatory to have a good level of English. 

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