Place:Jaipur (India)
They need volunteers (if possible qualified and/or experienced in
special need education) to support activities in the Centre, above all
 It is very well organized NGO with over 50 workers and great
reputation within the sector, supporting 147 children  in 2010, out of
which 30% are there for free (people with no resources). Other pay
1.000 INR a month (15 Euros).
School has an impressive quality facilities (consult the web) and
children stay there from 9.30 until 13.30. In the afternoon the
workshops for  Centre of Special Need Education are organized in
agreement with various Universities (50 people a year graduate in 2010
from that centre).
They have an abundant experience with volunteers from USA, UK, Germany
and other countries, receiving between 3 and  5 people every year
staying for the period of month 1 month up to 3.
Their web  ( is well developed
explaining clearly philosophy of the school, its form and areas of
work. Please check the annual report from 2007-2008.
 They prefer to work with volunteers that have had some previous
experience in work with special needs kids, nonetheless they are open
for any sort of help , prerequisite being  ‘a big heart for children’
(DISHA’s manager).
 Food and Accommodation:
DISHA owns 3 small apartments and rents it for 500 INR (8 Euros) a
day. The cost does not include food, but apartments come with kitchen.
Still it is possible to look for the place independently. Room en
suite in shared apartment starts from 120 INR a day (around 60 Euros a
month). It is possible to eat for less than 2 Euros a day.
Within the facilities it is strictly prohibited to smoke, drink
alcohol and consume non vegetarian food.
April-June are months of intense heat and it is not advisable to
travel during that time.
It is essential to have very good English.
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Visited on:Marzo 2010