Place:Jaipur (India)
Volunteers needed for the veterinary centre (manly veterinaries and
assistants), ho work with different types of animals (horses, camels,
donkeys, cows, eagles, monkeys, bulls… ).

 This impressive centre is located on the outskirts of Jaipur and is
dealing with every type of stray animal from above mentioned city and
surroundings. The facilities are very good and there is 23 employers
working on the site.
Every day they receive 20 calls with different animal issues in all
over city and they either go to see the animal onsite or bring it to
the centre. Other projects include sterilization and vaccination of
stray dogs.
Volunteer responsibilities would be based on work in both
environments, unless individual lacks any qualification, then only
work in the centre would be possible (washing animals, cleaning around
them, and feed them.. etc).
They have received volunteers from various countries but mostly USA
and England. At the moment there is a volunteer from Liverpool.

The hours are from 9 to 17 but they are very flexible and happy to
have someone on more sporadic basis as well.

The Centre is located 12 km form the town centre and as a result it
may hinder other activities.
 Accommodation and boarding:
Centre has 4 rooms available and they rent it for 250 INR/day and the
food is 60 INR/day.
Still there is always an option for the volunteer to look for
something on her/his own.
Accommodation in a room : from 60 Euros/month
Food: from 2 Euros/day
 Also it is possible to pay less or nothing for the accommodation in
the centre if the volunteer is attending the schedule and is treating
his work seriously. It is something you have to negotiate with the
English Language : mandatory

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Visited on:Marzo 2010