Place:Jaipur (India)
They need volunteers (if possible qualified and/or with experienced in
geriatrics and special needs education) to assist with Centre’s
activities. Sisters from Mother Teresa Congregation are in charge
working with indigenous people, person with mental disabilities, and
elderly people.

This work of this organization take place in various centres depending
on the type of activity (most of them involve people from most fragile
social strata, like senior citizens and individuals suffering serious
illnesses).  Work is carried out all over India and it is truly
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact the
house of Mother in Calcutta and ask for permission, submitting you CV,
motivational letter and be open for the zone and activity they
 Nonetheless, there have been cases of people just turning up in
Calcutta asking for vacancy directly in the Congregation Office, and
they have looked for some activities fro them.

Although this possibility exists, it is clearly better for the
organizer, volunteer and people involved in the project to plan in
advance therefore  it is advisible to previously contact with the
Food and Accommodation:
 This organization does not have any resources for the use of
volunteers’ room and board (at least in visited Jaipur Centre).
Still it is possible to look for the place independently. Room en
suite in shared apartment starts from 120 INR a day (around 60 Euros a
month). Food is available for less than 2 Euros a day.
French volunteer in the Jaipur Centre informed that her schedule was
quite flexible and she was carrying out many different tasks.
On site the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and not vegetarian food is
prohibited. Please bear in mind that it is a religious centre.
It is not advisable to travel between April and June due to immense heat.
It is important to have a good command of English.

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Visited on:Marzo 2010