Place:Ahmedabad (India)

require volunteers for the following fields: Primary Education in rural areas
and Activities for the youth with different approaches.


N.G.O. with very
experienced members in the field of Human Rights and Legal support to
individuals and organizations thay might require it.


Its personnel arises to 100 employees (25 full
time at their offices, 75 part-time for field work). They work with a network
of 18 organizations, focusing their activities in 3 fields:

  1. Capacity building for individuals and groups.
  2. Education to children in rural remote areas.
  3. Programs aimed to youth people, conveying to them an interest for
    an active participation in public life, and giving them the means to
    become social transformers.


A split took place from the members dealing
more in depth with legal issues. (CENTRE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE).

Although this formal
split, both N.G.O.s do keep constantly in contact (just separated by a wall one
of the other). Hence, once there, one could collaborate with one or the other. 


They count with a very
good reputation at both national and international levels. This contributes to
have private and public donors. Apart from presenting audited financial
accounts, they voluntarily request to Credibility Alliance a revision of their
activities. The latter stands for transparency and good practices within the
N.G.O.´s sector.


Prior to going there,
it would be necessary to define with them the functions to carry out as a


Minimal period of stay
is 6 months, and the maximal is 12 months.


Room and Board:


As for hosting, it
depends on the instruction level of the volunteer and what he might able to


As for maintenance,
nothing included. 


It is not recommended
to go from April to June due to the high heat climate conditions in the Gujarat

It is mandatory to
have a good level of English.




Visited in April 2010.

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Visited on:Abril 2010