They require doctors and nurses who would like to participate in their
activities not only inside the hospital but also in Health Camps that
they organize regularly.
Equipped with 700 beds, that impeccable hospital on the outskirts of
Jaipur, works also as a medical school.
70% of the beds are reserved for people living well below poverty line
who only have to cover the costs of medicines.
They are financed mostly through student tuition fees, and earnings
from the remaining 30% of paid spaces in hospital and other clinic
that has the same director. The owner of the hospital and a clinic is
well known through his multiple acts of philanthropy.
They follow Ghandi´s philosophy (whom statue you can see in the main
entrance to the hospital) that it is our moral duty to give back to
society what we have obtain in this life.
Trying to spread that idea, solidarity and generosity is taught to all
of the students in the centre.
They offer accommodation and vegetarian food to doctors and nurses
that are keen to help inside and outside the hospital.
It is possible to stay in other accommodation but due to location it
is not advisable.
Please contact them through e-mail to learn more about possible vacancies.
Caution: they are located in impressing well equipped and maintained
building, but located 10 km from the city centre (in industrial zone).
The basic code of conduct is very important. It is prohibited to
smoke, consume alcohol, eat non vegetarian food and dress
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