Place:Jodhpur (India)
Veterinary are needed.
Impressive NGO devoted to bringing help to stray animals, especially
dogs is mainly responsible for stray dogs population control, mainly
due to rabies infections. There is more than 50.000 stray dogs on
Jaipur’s streets.
More than 1000 kids every year die due to rabies infected dog attacks.
 Organization is funded by WSPA and together with other international
centres carry out research and studies concerning stray dogs diseases.
Their main project revolve around large scale vaccination and
sterilization. As a result of efficient and organised team work they
can sterilize a dog in 15 minutes, every day they perform  between
30-35 operations.
Infrastructure consists of 118 people, 350 kennels, 4 specialised
cars… they have already secured 8% of the canine population in town.
Even so, they still they didn’t manage to decrease dog population that
in last 4 years has increased 10%.
 Additionally they provide out of charge veterinary services to
various animals like cows, bulls, camels, horses, donkeys…
Other project involve raising awarness  in schools located in
shantytowns, explaining the risk associated with the stray animals.
(through the medium of leaflets, presentations, theater…).
One of the Canadian veterinary apart from collaborating with the NGO
also collects material for statistical study with reference to dogs
population and their diseases.
NGO has already had experience with foreign volunteers.
 Food and Accomodation:
Their financial situation unables them to provide food and
accommoation to volunteers, although they are able to provide
transport to/from the city centre to/from the work. (which is located
close to the airport, 12km from the city).
They are willing to help with finding accomodation. In general, room
en suite in shared apartment starts from 120 INR a day (around 60
Euros a month). Food is available for less than 2 Euros a day.
It is not advisable to travel between April and June due to immense heat.
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Visited on:Marzo 2010