Place:Ahmedabad (India)
SAATH requests for volunteers in various activities in areas of
education, microcredits, health, that are organized in rural locations
and shantytowns of Gujarat and Rajastan.
This well structured organization receives volunteers from American
Indian Foundation, and as a result they are logistically well prepared
to receive foreign volunteers.
Through their site ( it is
possible to see what projects they are involved in at the moment and
in the last 22 years.
They distinguish between urban projects (currently 90% of their
activity) and rural (constitutes remaining 10%).
Annual Report 2008-2009:
Furthermore they collaborate with other NGOs in various campaigns, for
instance with Save the Children they unite to eradicate child work and
make education available to 110 rural towns where the underaged works
in cotton fields.
With regard to voluntary work they prefer to present and inform the
interested person about all available possibilities through e-mail so
each volunteer would be able to find area that’s suits her/him best
and as a result improve his/her contribution.
Food and Accommodation:
 They do not own any accommodation, but arranged rooms with kitchen
available cost 3.000 INR a month (around 50 Euros). If preferred board
in restaurants cost 0.75-1 Euro a day.
 It is not advised to travel between April and June due to intense heat.
Good command of English is obligatory.
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Visited on:Abril 2010