Place:Udaipur (India)
They need volunteers for management of cooperatives (business plan,
commercialization…), fundraising, and for volunteers with the
knowledge of sustainable development natural resources.
They have worked in lower mountains and forest zones communities for
15 years. Organization has small structure of only 4 people in the
main office, 2 in regional offices and 6 in the field.
 The collaborate with farmers who are producing medicinal herbs and
plants, oil seeds, tandu leaves, honey, forest fruits for the
production of sweets…
What is more they created and support  60 Self Help Groups (SGH) or
Self-managed women groups and other centred for social organization
that brought back the decision making process to the people from
disadvantaged areas, help them to develop by informing about their
rights and possibilities that they have.
 They promote cooperatives, helping in creation of 8 cooperatives that
gather 1.400 members in order to give them more security and better
price for the products they sell.  Moreover they facilitate access to
the public forests in order to enable people to collect natural
 They are fundamentally financed by NGOs and USA Foundation for
Sustainable Development that has already sent 2 volunteers specialise
in the Sustainable Development.
Website (  ) contain plenty of information
where they clarify their philosophy, form and area of work and many
many other…
Minimum period of stay is a month.
 Food and Accommodation:
Basic accommodation and food in family shared house is provided.
However demand is only for people experienced in above mentioned
 It is not advised to travel between April and June due to immense
heat in the region of Rajasthan.
Very good command of English Language is essential.
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Visited on:Abril 2010