Place:Udaipur (India)

They sometimes require volunteers for their
support activities to Awareness and Lobbying Projects, Human Rights, Women and
Communities´ empowerment, Instruction (recommended to visit their site to check
all their range of activities)


Very well established
organization, experienced, its personnel being very commited to the project.
They count 65 employees and 2 Coordinators whose main duties are coordinating
and implementing organizations???? in rural areas, that bring decision-making
and real power to the citizens. Workshops, awareness campaigns, etc….


They have a clear view
as per the idea that the real development must come from the proper communities,
the N.G.O.s being just tools that these may use. That way, they support in very
different ways  organizations democratically
established by the population (mainly in rural areas, where they do ignore
their own rights)


In the Annex Document,
all their activities are clearly explained. Moreover, in their site additional
information can be found regarding their philosophy, organization and range of


As for their
activities, they count with the support and funds of International
Organizations like the UN-UNICEF. Additionaly, it counts with private donors
like the AXIS BANK FOUNDATION (one of the main Indian Banks) with whose support
they are schooling illiterate girls from 9 to 14 years old in rural areas
through a very defined project.


They already have
experience in hosting international volunteers, but are not especially
enthusiastic about it. According to their experience, volunteers need time to
adapt and fully understand how things go, they need a person of the
Organization to accompany them and translate (beneficiary population does only
speak local dialects). Hence in many cases, they are not very interested in
receiving volunteers.


Given what is
mentioned above, the minimal period of stay for a volunteer is 3 months,
although they reckon that to be fully operative, the volunteer needs more time.
It is also necessary to have a good level of English, and if possible,
experience in writing reports and related documents in English.


They have a very
complete website, in which they clearly explain their philosophy, organization
and range of activities.


Room and Board:


They offer a room
close to the offices and transport to the working areas from 3,000 to 4,000 INR
/ month ( approx from 50 to 65 Euros a month)


It is not recommended
to go from April to June due to the high heat climate conditions in the
Rajasthan region.

It is mandatory to
have a good level of English.






Visited in April 2010

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Visited on:Abril 2010.