Place:Ahmedabad (India)
They request volunteers for various projects to support raising
awareness campaigns, women empowerment, community, education,
microcredits etc…
In Gujarat it is the most well known NGO, not only because of grand
size but also years of experience.
Everyday they receive e-mails from individuals interested in
volunteering; as a result they do not show particular interest in
being verified by Veyactua.
On the website ( ) you can read all about their
projects and workers since the day it was established in 1972.
It was developed in various buildings in the city and due to grand
size (19 offices) it is overwhelmed with the administrational work.
All of their funding channels are open; private and public, national
and international.
It is displayed as one of the NGO we recommend due to experience and
great range of fields they deal with.
We have visited place 3 times independently and we were unable to talk
to any volunteer.
Food and accommodation:
Due to great size and complicated organization, you would have to ask
individual offices about particular work conditions.
 It is not advised to travel between April and June due to immense
heat in the region of Gujarat.
It is essential to have a good command of English Language.
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Visited on:Abril 2010