Place:Jaipur (India)
They need volunteers to provide remedial classes for children,
organize workshops (art, music, theatre…), as well as medics and
nurses for the project of Family Health Centre on the outskirts of
They can boast impressive facilities in the centre of Jaipur, where
193 children in need are accommodated in 14 houses with ‘mother’ and
10 ‘brothers’.
 Surrounded with gardens, playgrounds… all the kids go to public
schools close to the centre, and the volunteers can only work with
children on the weekends and after 17.00 (when kids come back form
school). They have also kindergarten.
Centre also established a support programme for single parent families
to assist them with proper health, nutrition and hygiene inside the
For this project they need volunteer with ground knowledge of medicine
(doctors and nurses), who would accompany people in charge of home
That organization with the headquarters in Austria is present in 132
countries and only in India has 14 centres.  For more information
please visit:
With regard to international volunteers they had a very bad experience
(mostly from young volunteers from UK), and as a result they hare very
demanding with future volunteers.
 Please contact us so we can clarify the requirements.
 Food and Accommodation:
At the moment rooms are available but it depends on every centre if
the houses are occupied at given time. It is prohibited to consume
alcohol, tobacco, and non vegetarian food, mostly due to bad
experiences they had with previous volunteers.
It is not advised to go between April and June due to immense heat in
the region of Rajasthan.
It is obligatory to have good grasp of English language.
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Visited on:Marzo 2010