Place:Udaipur (India)

They require volunteers for issues related to Infants´Laws, SHGs, management of natural resources, documentation and reports, etc.

 It is an Organization with 20 years of experience, and unlike other N.G.O.s of the region, they carry out activities in communities based in areas of down Montana (non desertic).

 They have 4 working areas:

 1.- Education: Awareness Program aiming to provide schooling for the infants. Improvement of the quality of the education. Awareness campaign against  children abuse and exploitation.

             2.- Health: they have a small Health Centre covering 6 villages (3,000 people). They provide basic coverage (there is only one nurse), they vaccinate, give cures, and above all they give proper instruction to midwifes, raise awareness in children nutrition, promotion of natural medicine, vaccins.

             3.- Promotion of sustained economic (growth) based on natural resources: Training centre in agricultural techniques, promotion of organic agriculture, medicinal plants, agricultural and livestock management techniques.

             4.-Empowerment of women and people: through the creation and management of more than 120 Self Help Groups or Women Self Management Groups, and other community groups that help people to recover their sovereignty and decision-making in run-down and remote areas, helping them to take the reins of their own growth, advising them and informing them about their rights and the possibilities they have. 

 They are funded by other NGOs from India and the USA.

 Their main tasks are in  Education and the promotion of health in rural areas fields.

They do have a very detailed website (  ), in which they explain  very precisely their philosophy, ways and areas of work, among many other things. 

 They have experience in receiving International Volunteers, especially from the USA. Already received 3 people.

 Being told that the Minimal period for a volunteer is to stay 1 month.

 Room and Board:

 Depending on the candidate and the NGO´s availability, the conditions may change. It is recommended to then ask them when applying .

It is not recommended to go from April to June due to the high heat climate conditions in the Rajasthan region.

It is mandatory to have a good level of English.


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Visited on:Abril 2010.