Place:Jaipur (India)
They need English Teachers, Art and Music Teachers, Sport Instructors
and specialist in fundrising fo rthe Jaipur Centre.
This enormous NGO is present in many countries around the world, many
Indian cities, Jaipur itself  has 2 centres open between 9 and 12 in
the morning organising different activites at different times.
The provide education for 600 children in 4 tiny schools located in
shatytowns with 2 proffesors within each school.
Their major focus is on primary education,  once children achieve
basic level of formation and parent are propery informed, they send
children to public schools, out of which 85% continues learning
further (depending on the case children are monitored every fortnight
or month).
They also have 3 month workshops for parents in domain such as
hairdressing, crafts, sewing, basic computer skills.
Every 3 months they organize health camps in remote areas where they
provide medical services and medicines free of charge. They also
organize parents meetings and sport events for kids.
 The Government of Finland helps finalizing project as well as
private donors from India (mostly providing things in kind instead of
Food and Accommodation:
On principle they do not cover any food or accommodation for the
volunteers, but they are willing to discuss it depending on
volunteer’s period of stay and experience.
Anyhow they are willing to help finding suitable accommodation. In
this city you can find a place (room with own bathroom in shared
house) from 60 Euros per month and you can eat for less than 2 Euros a

It is inadvisable to go April to June due to the intense heat in the
region of Rajasthan.

Caution: We are awaiting answer on several issues from The National
Headquarters in Delhi, as the Jaipur Office was unable to provide the
answer for.

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Visited on:Marzo 2010