Place:Ahmedabad (India)
Volunteers with the practical knowledge of Fair Trade are needed. They
will assist accreditation to Fair Trade Organization in order to
commercialize products with Cooperatives in Europe.
In order to read more about the organization and Fair Trade please
refer to two Satellite Organizations of  Manav Sadhna: and
 It is very well organized, professional company with great attitude.
Being part of the Manav Sadhna group, we asked parent organization for
In our modest opinion it is simply the best NGO of all contracted so
far (and we cooperate with 150). In summary they are the leaders with
regard to human management, transparency and motivation.
 Various volunteers have already repeat their placements and those who
come only for two months normally decide to stay for six.
With the headquarters in the Ashram de Gandhi in Ahmadabad they work
in city’s shantytowns covering lots of small NGO with all possible
help and advice. Contrary to all other NGO, they are not interested in
developing in sizes, instead they prefer to be facilitators for other
small organizations established by people in disadvantaged zones.
Those small NGOs are deeply under the influence and support of
Gramshee through direct education of 8.000 children, with more than 80
nursery schools, schools for blind children, health centres, with
balanced daily alimentation and support classes. In order to educate
and raise the awareness they organize films screenings, use help of
women cooperatives, earn-n-learn, MAM Movies Society, Gramshree,
Environmental Sanitation Institute, craftroots, microcredit and many
 The centre is developing in accordance with Ghandian attitude: help
to the most disadvantaged and no violence politics.
Their philosophy is based on educating and providing people with
devices allowing them to improve their situation, motivating
youngsters to develop skills in leadership and social values.
They receive volunteers from different countries helping with various
activities. At the moment of the visit two architects (girl from
Australia and boy from Spain) are designing schools  in shantytowns,
other American girls are helping with classes.
 The way they treat volunteers is also exceptional. On your arrival
you are taken for a trip around various projects and learn more about
your choices and available projects, allowing you to choose what best
suit you.
 Their web ( ) is very basic and explains the
philosophy, type and area of work… . Of special importance be the
section pertaining to volunteers containing application form.
Food and Accommodation:
This organization, as a part of Manav Sadhna offers basic
accommodation very close to the Centre and lunches is ashram. They
only charge symbolic fee for the maintenance of the volunteer (water,
electricity etc…)
 The region of Gurajat is not recommended between April and June due
to very hot climate.
Very good English language skills are essential.
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Visited on:Abril 2010