Place:Jaipur (India)
Website: (Contact Person: Mrs. Alice Garg (Founder Secretary))

They need volunteers (if possible women, given that most of the projects are aimed to women´s empowerment) for a large variety of activities such as awareness campaigns, English classes, sewing classes, courses on basic computer skills, arts, music, sports.

 Very well established Organization, with more than 38 years of experience. Its members are very commited to the project, from founders, 5 people in the offices and 42 collecting-data workers. (If teachers at schools are included, the total number of workers would arise to 102.)

 They are running 4 schools, a Sight Hospital in a rural area, they are carrying out activities in more than 480 rural areas in 3 run-down districts. They do support Women´s Self Help Groups (SHG´s), micro-credits (more than 10,000 people have received loans from them), workshops and many more projects. The woman, is at the centre of their activities.

 In  the Annex, all their activities are explained precisely. Moreover, additional information can be found at their site.

 For their activities, they count with the support and funds of different organizations such as Manos Unidas or Unicef.  Private donors as well help them (for instance the Sight Hospital is funded 100% by a Spanish individual).

 They do follow Gandhi´s philosophy, are 100% crystal-clear as per their activities or accounting. They are very commited, with a great sense of dedication.

 They already have experience in working with international volunteers, some of them from Spain (who have repeated several years their experience).

Minimal period required is 1 month, although they recognise that in order to really become useful in a project the minimal period is at least 3 months,

 They do have a very detailed website ( ), in which they explain precisely their philosophy, ways and areas of work, among many other things. 

 Room and Board:

 They offer free room and transport to the working areas. No food is provided as they prefer that the volunteers eat according to their own tastes, not obliging them to eat vegetarian or indian food.

This implies in this part of India, a minimal expense for the international volunteer, from 1 Euro/day depending on the individual.

It is not recommended to go from April to June due to the high heat climate conditions in the Rajasthan region.

It is mandatory to have a good level of English. 

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