Place:Ahmedabad (India)
Volunteers with an experience/qualification in ecotourism,
biodiversity, natural environment education, Sustainable Development
and Agriculture, waste treatment…, and many others areas of Natural

Having as a headquarters an incredible centre with garden, avenues,
buildings, peacocks.. they coordinate 40 centres all over India with
various projects.

It is worth checking their website to get more information about
individual projects within particular centres. The Main Office also
cooperates with the South Asian Youth Environmental Network and other

Voluntary work can be organized through University internships or as
an occasional voluntary. The second option the complete dedication is
not expected (it is solely based on the volunteer’s attitude), it
would create a possibility to devote some time to learn more about
different things.

It is advised to contact the organised with the volunteering
preferences, CV and motivational letter, so they can best fir the
person with the vacancy. In case you are particularly interested in
work of one of the centre you can contact it directly.

Accommodation and Food depends on both: the volunteer involvement and
individual centres’ availability (for example the one in Ahmedabad
offers food and accommodation).

Please bear in mind the geographical location of the centre and its
climate implications within changing seasons.

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Visited on:15/04/10