Place:Ahmedabad (India)
They need veterinaries with knowledge of bird treatment and female dog
sterilization. They also welcome veterinaries with more general
This small NGO was established 5 years ago, and have a modest
structure just on the outskirts of the town, without any type of
What allows it to function from day to day is a tremendous devotion of
the owner.

Their main goal is to become professional and find a way to administer
the Centre. And above all they need someone to educate them about
birds, most importantly from January to February when the holiday of
the large size kites takes place wounding and killing thousands of
birds. Additionally, they need to learn how to carry out sterilization
on female dogs. In the streets of Ahmadabad there are around 300.000
stray dogs posing serious health issues.

Nonetheless they work with all sorts of animals (monkeys, cows, bulls,
camels, vulture, eagles…) in their centre and within mobile unit
(travelling around the city and attending on the spot if possible).

Minimum lenght of stay: 1 month.

Food and Accommodation: They are unable to provide it, although they
help finding place corresponding with volunteers´ budget.

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