Place:Delhi (India)
Volunteers needed: Teachers of Art, Craft, English, and others
subject, social workers, medics, marketing and communication
This NGO is devoted to help street children in Delhi where they have 5
Shelter Centres and 7 daily open centres. They provide care for
approximately 3000 children annually.
They offer integrated care for kids from reception, nutrition, medical
care, education to home delivery (when it’s possible)…
With regard to international volunteer they are very experienced and
the individual we have contacted were content with their placement and
well motivated.
The Organization is well structured with personnel already accounting
for 108 and around 30 volunteers.
Among various activities (check the website) one is of special
interest enabling volunteer to walk around Delhi. The walk through
Delhi street life is great opportunity to see Delhi’s life through the
alternative to tourist point of view. The guide is a boy who used to
live on the street and he informs in detail how his India used to look
Their website has special application to guide volunteers and other
sections that one should look through.
Volunteer minimal length of stay: 1 month (although website says 2
months you can consult with them in case you are unable to stay
Food and Accommodation: they are not included, although in that region
you are able to eat and accommodate for around 3 Euros a day.
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