Place:McLeodGanj, (Dharamshala)
Volunteers to take care of babies (kindergarten) of poor Tibetan
refugee families, also to attend the cafe-shop that brings additional
income to the NGO. Additionally they need teachers in various
disciplines, in particular sewing workshops (design, confection,
This NGO was established in 2004 by the Korean organization. In the
beginning they had only of one room with the facilities to take care
of up to 5 children, while their mothers were working. Currently they
are in charge of 36 children between the age of 8 months and 3 years,
who they provide with food and attention all day between 8.30 and
17.00 (in two shifts) .
In order to choose the family they visit homes regularly inspecting if
they are truly disadvantaged cases.
A year ago they undertook 2 new projects: vocational centre for
Tibetan refugee and sewing workshops, after which they can start
working. At the moment there is 5 women learning and 5 more in the
vocational centre. There is a waiting list for both of those.
Additionally they have coffee place/ shop where they sell handcrafts
made by women in school from recycled materials. It is the basic form
of income of that NGO.
It is all maintained by 10 full time workers.
Volunteers can come for 15 days or more, full time or part-time, as
there is an ample offer of activities in that tourist zone (yoga,
reiki, concerts, other voluntary work, meditation, trekking…).
They do not provide accommodation or food, only lunch.
Given that it is very tourist zone (close to Dalai Lama residence) the
accommodation and boarding offer vary, but it is possible to find
basic room and food for around 3 € per day.
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Visited on:14/05/10