Place:McLeodGanj, (Dharamshala)

[en] This small NGO consisting only of 4 people and just one room receives
many private donations and is also supported by Dalai Lama Foundation.
They have another branch in Tibet.
They touch upon the most pressing issues, currently they are short of
specialist in sustainable agriculture as it is already being promoted
in the zone and they have encountered with a lot of technical issues
that they are unable to solve.
Volunteers have to have a very good grasp of English language.
They also give classes throughout different schools to raise awareness
about the environment issues, they also have craft workshop…

The period of stay is from month onwards.
They are unable to provide food and accommodation with their scarce
resources. .
Given that the zone in very tourist (prehimalaya, not far from Dalai
Lama residence…), room and board offers can vary significantly and it
is possible to find accommodation and food for around 3 Euros a day in

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