Place:Camba (India)
They need volunteers in basic education for people living
in rural mountain region (remote areas of  Himalayan mountains).
Given that the placement is in very remote areas, the physical fitness
of the volunteer has to be excellent as she/he has to move between
different settlements by foot through steep slopes and nearly
impassable routes.
In the morning and in the afternoon volunteer would be visiting
settlements in the valley collecting information about people that
lives in each house (real census, not governmental) with regard to
their living conditions, pressing issues, concerns… Volunteer would be
accompanied by a young local person serving as a guide and translator.
In the evening he/she would be giving classes (basic IT, English,
Ethics through the dynamics of games etc..)
A lot of children travel to up to 3 hours through the mountains to get
to the college, where the level of education is extremely low.
Additionally, girls drop out after 12-13 years of age due to unsafe
routes (attacks has been reported).

Harsh conditions are not only pertaining to work but also to the
accommodation, food (whatever local population eats) and facilities
(i.e. no toilets).
It is only by the great effort of  Swaran Deepak Raina that the NGO
still exists. He was the one who set it up and maintained dedicating
all his life to it (simultaneously with journalist profession). He had
lived 3 years in that remote area, without his family, visiting house
after house gaining respect, care and trust.

The place is beautiful, although very harsh conditions could become
challenging, especially in the winter time when temperature goes below
zero and it’s snowing.

The NGO can provide accommodation, but food has to be paid for
(although it should not be more than 1-2 Euro a day) and the only
possible places to eat are neighbouring houses.
Minimal period of stay is a month but in order to have a minimal input
they would be grateful if one can stay for at least 3 months, so the
work is more complete, especially with regard to teaching.
It is only advised to go between April and December.
If you need more information about the place, tasks etc you should
contact with Veyactua, as one of our workers has already been in the
place, talking with people seeing all the projects and can provide you
with first hand knowledge.

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