Place:Dalhousie (India)
Demand for Experienced Sewing, Embroidery, and Knitting Teachers for
three vocational training centres for women.

It is essential to have a good command of English.

HIVE is an exceptional couple who with limited resources manage to
open 3 educational centres for vulnerable women (each centre has a
capacity of 12 women or girls). Two of those centres are situated
outside of Dalhousie and the third one outside Dharmashala.
Additionally they have small natural jam production centre, providing
jobs for 5 people.
They are unable to provide food and accommodation, but they can
facilitate search for economical rooms and food. Minimal time of stay
is a month (although preferably more, if possible). In spite of having
only 3 years of experience as an NGO and their small size they have
clear ideas and their transparent and clear way of functioning. They
put their own money and time into projects, although they are trying
to become completely self-sustainable.
They are looking for volunteers who are professionals (not amateurs)
in sewing, knitting and embroidery who would be able to teach in
English. The couple can speak French as well.

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