NGO funded in 1994 consists of highly motivated and professional staff
(175 employees) that works with people from the lowest social strata,
suffering various disabilities.

They provide services in physiotherapy not only in their centre but
also in rural location and on the outskirts of town, they offer
special education in those fields, they raise awareness, prepare
information and prevention campaigns, they own orthopaedics centre
(with special research and development unit collaborating with Swiss
Organization) and resource centre in Calcutta….

Please consult the web for special documents and information.

Approximately 70% of their patients are people without any resources
(under the poverty level), working directly in many city shantytowns
and indirectly in many different areas.

They differentiate their activities in three domains: urban
(shantytowns), working not only with disabled personnel but also in
topic concerning education, basic means of support…
They are fundamentally financed with national and international donations.
They have already had volunteers from various countries. At the moment
person with the knowledge of leg physiotherapy is necessary.

They can offer accommodation and food, although it will depend on
volunteer’s profile, his/her time of stay and the zone he will be

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