They are looking for specialist/teachers in Construction Security in
bricklaying, flooring, tiling and others construction work in order to
educate future specialist and teachers in those domains (there is no
professional body in India educating within those areas) providing
them with diplomas and carnet to facilitate their professional career.
They work with most disadvantaged collectives, the poorest in society,
migrants from Indian rural zones without any previous education, who
often falls prey to mafias that specialise in construction work.
This NGO numbers 125 employers with majority working in the groups of
4, identifying, organizing and explaining social issues to workers.

They are financed by international organizations as well as big
enterprises like Arthur Andersen, Accenture, GTZ, CHF… and some of
their projects are directly financed through the Government.

As the employees are not allowed to cease their work, the education
has to be performed on construction site, in the same place they are
working, creating a great challenge for the teacher/specialist.

Once they are qualified they are put to job search engine, by the same
token rising their future employability.

Food and accommodation depends on the qualification and the period of
stay of individual volunteer.

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