All kind of volunteers are necesary;  Social Workers, Teachers,
Afterschool Activity Organizer, Image and Sound Specialits,

The NGO works in two cities: Bangalore e Hyderabad.

With over 30 years of experience they haven’t lost the motivation and
initial hopes nor spirit of NGO in spite of significant growth in size
(now 120 workers and 3 centres…).
It is certainly impressing to see such a determination which very few
managed to maintain over the years. Since the begining as social
workers sent to the shantytowns for their work experience to the
greatly motivated and organized team that makes this NGO truly unique.

To see it all yourself please follow the link(
or read the leaflet we have scaned and copied.

Their installations include : open 24h Child Line (they receive 100
calls a month with 3 rescues on average), they rescue children from
extreme situations (providing accomodation, phisical and psychological
treatment, education…); they have house for 120 children (from
orphans, working children from disadvantaged groups…); children
vocational workshops, formal education and informal college based on
the philosophy of alternative education; Media Centre…

What is more part of the responsibilities is based on fieldwork, with
groups of 4-5 people who move to the working zones, using NGOs that
very often helpd with organization and education. The SHGs (Self Help
Group) are formed in here as well as, microcredites, Youth Groups,
Children Groups, educational and sensitization programs and many many
others (please consult the web or leaflet).
They fundamentally need volunteers who help them with the vocational
workshop (electronics, sewing, computers, printing…), social
workers, researchers(reports about human rights), journalists, image
and sound specialists, fundraisers, film editors..

Very good level of English is essential to carry out all the projects
in professional manner.

Volunteers working in main offices have accomodation and maintanance
provided, within filedwork volunteers it varies, please contact with
the organizer to learn more.

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