Volunteers with skills / experiences in : Human Rights, Women,
research and NGO formation.

This Centre is not only NGOs’ formation, research and documentation
centre, it is also centre of communication and liaison between
numerous social actors, and a net of a communication and organizing
for the campaigns, sensitivization and joint work.

They managed to establish networks of connection between various NGOs
within 4 South Indian States (Tmil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra
Pradesh) and are developing greatly therefore allowing us to locate
particular placements for individual volunteers.

Accordingly, it is a great way to obtain information about projects
that has been developing within the places of influence.

The accommodation and maintenance are on site. Depending on the type
of work and period of stay volunteer could obtain it for free or 5
Euros/day (to cover the stay and food expenses).

To clarify this centre is run by Jesuits, however it does not appear
like that at all and in all the documentation and approaches they
emphisize clearly the secular character of the society they work for.

The person who drawn up this information has been personally  in the
centre for over a week, using their libraries, documentary, help of
personnel and accomodation and there was not even one instance of
religious matter being mentioned.

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