With over 22 years of experience in the subject of refugees this
Organization has branches in 57 countries. The South Asia Regional
Office works within 4 countries : India, Nepal, Afghanistan and Sri
Lanka (possibly this coming year may also include Bangladesh).

Dealing with the issue of refugees, the migratory flow forces within
the same country are being looked into (i.e. in Pakistan there is more
than 3 millions Internally Displaces People – IDP).

This centre is occupied with conducting research, preparing reports,
fundraising, education and advocacy.

They cooperate closely with Tamil Nadu refugees (bordering state),
where they need English and IT teachers, Pedagogues and Socio-cultural
Entertainment Managers/Event Organizer.

The manager of the organization gather great experience and knowledge
within the region through constant travelling and collaboration with
various actors.

The minimum stay is 15 days, the maximum 3 months.

Accommodation and Maintenance is provided.

The Centre is located in the ISI campus (Indian Social Institute) ,
with complete and good quality installations.

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