Volunteers needed in the area of Communication, Environment for
conducting research, and preparing reports, Vocational Training and

This Christian NGO develops social activities on a very professional
level (organization and management audits from various companies…) and
additionally is consulting with the Government (Rural Development
Ministry) regarding plan and implementation of social intervention

They have participated in the creation of more than 12.000 self-help
group (SHG) in different communities of Karnaaka, in one year
facilitating distribution of 2.000 microcredits among the poorest (so
they can undertake small businesses, attain livestock…).

Organization also cooperates within the topic of AIDS, identifying
over 3.000 cases of infection and trying to raise awareness about the

Additionally Kross India advises, informs and teaches about good
governing, helping the disadvantaged population learn about their
rights and how to access them.

They also have other projects. Like Nodal NGO Program (the nest of
local NGOs that works improving local needs specifically and
effectively..), Rain Water Harvesting (informing local population on
how to gather and managed rainwater), vocational training  workshops
for people without any previous formation, construction of
eco-friendly toilets in the rural areas, implementation of ecological
agriculture to greater scale (not only within the farm but also,
compost plants, water recovery systems, biogas plants, reforestation),

With regard to volunteers Kross had previously been cooperating with
volunteers from USA. Demand for the volunteers is in the above
mentioned areas: Communication, Environment, research, vocational
training, report preparation and Fundraising.

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