Place:Dehra Dun (Uttarakhand-India)
Speech therapists, physiotherapist, special needs teachers, specialist
in work with children with physical or mental vulnerability.
Unbelievable work of a mother of disabled girl, whose motivation and
activism since 1994 influenced others to work and help people with
disabilities.  The structure of consist of more than 90 people and has
a school for children with special needs. What is more LATIKA  is
involved in vocational workshops, prevention, centres for detection
and early intervention, sensitivisation, formation of medics,

60% of the population benefiting their services lack any resources,
therefore their work is of exceptional importance.

For further information please follow the link (

With regard to volunteers , the organization already have enough
experience and mostly need people with specialized qualification
and/or experience.

The food and accommodation is provided only for qualified
professionals. Otherwise, if anyone would be interested in helping in
more general tasks accommodation and maintenance is symbolic price
(only covers expenses of that person) of 100 Euros/ month  (2.30 Euros
a day for food and accommodation).

There is a link to the written experiences of over 20 volunteers (top
of the site, tab with  the experiences):

If you are interested in this project , you have to send a form, which
you can download from this address together with terms and conditions.

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