Volunteers requested; Architect, health, teachers, physiotherapist ,

created by Vicente Ferrer in 1969 and is coordinated through the Foundation Vicente
Ferrer in

It is impossible to list all the fields of work that achieve success in this
region (they cover 2.200 town, creation of more than 40.000 homes, 136.000sponsored
children, hospital network…).

 99% of their workers (more than 2.500 in total) are of Indian origin and they only admit foreign volunteers
for task that are not easy to carry out by the local population.

The field of work they are involved in includes:

1.- Health (5 hospitals and specialized centres, 20 rural clinics,
1295 health workers, and a nurse college…).

2.- Housing (more than  40.000
houses constructed).

3.- Education (more than 1000 school constructed, special schools for
all type of  disability, cultural
programmes, university scholarships…)

4.- Disability (orthopaedic and rehabilitation workshops,  17 residential centres for kids with physical,
visual or auditory vulnerability and cerebral palsy, in total covering more
than 1.300 children…).

5.- Women (more than 5.000 women associations uniting more than
70.000 women, advice and professional formation centres, programmes pertaining
to income generation, micro businesses…).

6.- Ecology (structures for water and irrigation conservation ,
horticulture, solar energy, biogases, reforestation, ecological farming…).

 The need for volunteers change constantly
depending on particular project and  is
coordinated from the office in the
Barcelona, where
the foundation is situated.

 On their internet site , apart from ample
amount of information about their activities, the information about
volunteering opportunities are provided (available placements , conditions). In
order to learn more click the link:

Additional information can be found on in video from. Write “RDT
Anantapur” in the search engine. You can find not only projects but also
volunteers in canteen in the campus.

 They offer accommodation and maintenance, plus
facilities and food are excellent (in comparison to the one that are offered on
average by Indian NGOs). Terms and conditions are well explained on the web.

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