Teachers: English, Math, Biology,
Physics, Chemistry,  also Primary School
Teacher and Pedagogues

On the outskirts of a small town in the
rural south of
India on the same campus the primary school, high school and education
centre for teachers are situated (the course lasts 1 year in order to qualify
as a teacher).

Every year 100 qualified teachers leave the school and usually work with
children in rural, more vulnerable areas.

The level of education given to professors
India is very low, very often they 
turn to physical punishment and inadequate and obsolete teaching

The Xavier College of Education provide the education of teachers is
on very high level to demonstrate alternative ways of teaching and motivating

They hope that international volunteers
would be able to teach future professors new education techniques, group
dynamics… and new ways to approach the subject.

The impact of this voluntary work could
prove extremely beneficial due to the means of multiplication within the
beneficiary population.

What is more, the other two schools
accommodate 750 children of all ages from economically vulnerable families. Especially
the one form rural areas, where poverty is more severe.

Centres are led by Jesuits (although the
education they provide is fully laic) and are protected under the agreement
with Indian Government.


The centres provide accommodation and
complete maintenance for all volunteers.

They don’t have an internet site, but
please contact Veyactua or directly Xavier College of Education through e-mail.

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