Place:Secunderabad (India)

Agronomic engineers, biologist and people
specialized in area of compost, sustainable agriculture, seed banks,

 NGO was set up in 2004 by individuals who
had been working within the area of sustainable agriculture for the last 20
years with other organizations.

 Amount of staff : 13 (8 technicians and 5

 For the first three years they were solely
funded by the government.

 They carry out research, prepare
sensitivization campaigns against GM food, give technical support to farmers
through educational programmes, 
tutelage, seeds bank, genes bank, warehouse for natural fertilizers,
natural remedies against plagues.

 Their studies are important pieces of
research and have been published for the World Bank and other international

As a result of their raising awareness campaign and direct work with
farmers in the last three years
600.000 acres of pesticide-free grew into 2.000.000. acres (more than tripled!)

Furthermore farmers themselves are now responsible for collecting
data and perform grand part of the fieldwork.

For more information please see their site. (

The organic product consumption cooperative
was established, facilitating contact between  the producers and consumers. By the same token
the trademark is protected (


With regard to the volunteering CENTRE FOR
SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE is open for cooperation with qualified workers, who
should contact with organization through e-mail.

Accommodation and maintenance is not
provided by the organization but they are happy to help localizing budget
accommodation in proximities.

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