[en] They need volunteer (female) for 8 -10 month period to take of
children in different centres.

Professional organization established in 1995, with headquarters in
Zurich, London, New York. Activities are centred in education of
disadvantaged children. On their website
( you can find
information about the way the organization functions as well as its

They work with kids in different countries: India, Nepal, Tibet,
Vietnam, Thailand, Malawi and Zambia, having offices in all those
countries, their work through “Children’s Village” programme is
located mostly in India y Zambia.

In order to locate particular offices please follow the link:

For more information (including videos, photos, etc…):

In the Denhra Dun Centre (India) they have 36 houses in each between
24 and 26 underprivileged children from India, Nepal y Tibet has got a
place to stay.

In various selection processes they choose the smartest students to
sponsor their further education (also University abroad).

Programme is extremely successful.

Food and accommodation:

They offer food and accommodation free of charge, and also some pocket
money, but they require empathy and ability to stay for the period
form 9-10 months, usually from June or July every year.
It is essential to have good English command.


e-mail India:

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