[en] Volunteer to work in the area of natual environment, agriculture,
water management, renewable energy, archive
NGO with large structure that not only manages cooperation projects
with other agencies but also have their own centre for Stratigic
Action Planning in all of their numerous departments.
Well organize NGO with around 120 staff and 25 years of experience.
Although they were set up in the diocese of Mysore the religious
background is not prevalent in their actions .
They operate in the field of women empowerment, management of natural
resources (above all in the water recovery systems and irrigation),
AIDS affected, street children,renewable energies
Located fundamentaly in 4 states they are present in more than 450
small villages of  Karnataka (South of India).
Due to ample exprience they are included in the list of 6 NGO that the
Government of India made responsible for the implementation of water
managemnt project in that region.
They need English-speaking  volunteers with knowledge/experience in
following fields : natual environment, agriculture, water management,
archive management, renewable energies. As they are inviolved in
various disciplines it is advisible to see the website in order to be
able to find particualry intresting project.
They could offer food and accomodation depending on the qualification,
length of stay and idivividual centre.

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