They need volunteers in various fields.
This professional and well structured NGO not only realises
Cooperation Projects with other agencies but also has its own
strategic planning and a five year action plan.
An exquisite organisation equipped with a team of professional
technician is centred on three broad fields covering almost all
matters relating to International Cooperation focusing on the most
deprived rural communities:
1.- BASIC RIGHTS: they do not only inform the rural communities about
their rights but also facilitate access through legal advice,
campaigns, public health, protests…. The right to education, public
health, gender equality issues are also raised.
2.-FAIR ECONOMY: in its ample meaning, they cover microcredits,
cooperativism, environmental justice, agriculture,
self-sustainability, consumers’ rights…
3.- LIVEHOOD SECURITY: in broader meaning, cover health programs, food
safety, microcredits…
Interestingly, NGO acts at the request of beneficiary population and
with their participation only. In the spirit of complete equality they
simply aid them exercising their rights and obtain independence and
economical stability.
At the moment they are actively supporting over 500 rural towns in the
region of Rajasthan, located in 3 towns (Jaipur, Tonk y Bara).
One of the branches of that grand institution is SWARAF (Social Work
Academy for Research and Action) an academic institution focused on
education and research in various fields not only on regional but also
national level.
They accountability is based on full transparency.
They have experience with foreign volunteers (some not very positive),
mainly from UK, Australia, IESEC, IDEX…on a work experience…
They are looking for experienced volunteers in following fields: web
design, nursing, medicine, biochemistry (they have laboratory),
agriculture, climate change, renewable energy, microfinance, Human
Rights activism, water, gender, education…
Of particular need is a vacancy for person with knowledge and/or
experience in research methodology.
They offer food (vegetarian) and accommodation in their centre for 500
to 1.500 INR per month (single, en suite) to 250 -750 INR a month for
a double.
However depending on the experience and contribution of the volunteer
the cost can decrease to zero or even one can get a small pocket money
(on top of free food and accommodation).
It is also possible to find accommodation independently, although it
is not recommended due to location.
Caution: they are located in a magnificent building, well equipped and
organized, but in the distance of 10 km from city centre, in the
industrial zone.
The basic code of conduct is very important, within the facilities it
is prohibited to smoke, consume alcohol or meat or wear ´´decorous´´
With regard to the results they get and the work that is being done
they are quite demanding.
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Visited on:Marzo 2010