[en] Volunteers to work with girls in workshops and college, teaching basic English…
Religious NGO of Somasca situated on the outskirts of Mysore runs
over 150 women self help groups (micro credits, education, projects
generating income, 30 educating groups for children and other 10 for
youth, a girls orphanage, college for 700 girls from lowest social
strata, sewing, design and basic marketing workshops… ).
The main issue for the volunteer would pose the lack of English
speakers, only few people can speak English. Therefore volunteer would
provide English classes on basic level in orphanage as well as in
college plus possibly in self help groups.
At the moment they don’t have a website, however they are working on
it. It would be an advantage if volunteer posses some IT skills and
could facilitate website construction, providing the NGO with more
recognition on the national as well as international level.
Given that the work is based on women empowerment  the organization
would prefer to hire a woman not a man, mostly due to avoid problems
with the local community, as it is a sensitive issue in Indian
They offer accommodation and food in their centre.
The length of stay is between 2 weeks and 3 months.

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