Volunteers needed in different areas: climate change, organic farming
(soil enrichment), economic irrigation systems, alternative energy,
research in domestic violence and studies about the poverty in the
region of Kerala (mainly tribal and rural population).
NGO was set up in  1996 with the staff accounting to 25 people out of
whom only 5 works in the office (the rest are fieldworkers) covering
Kerala and part of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu..
Their areas or their work fundamentally pertain to : women, tribal
communities, farmers and children.
Women: more than 100 self  (SHG), 200 income generation projects,
legal support an advice, promotion of women rights, creation of
permanent independent structures  managed by and for women (“Women
Voice” “coordinating committee”…) etc. In this field they need
volunteers to help with the preparation of ‘’report about domestic
violence’’ in above mentioned states .
Tribal communities:  Sustainable development of those groups in their
own environment, preservation an conservation of the indigenous
culture, food security, minority rights… In that area they require
volunteer who can produce report  about the situation of various
tribes in the region of Kerala.
Farmers: Studies and implementation of various techniques that can be
adopted to alleviate climate change, seedbanks, education in
techniques and practices in agriculture, organic farming,
commercialization of products, promotion of cooperativism… In this
field volunteers would be required to help with their climate change
projects, soil enrichment, economic irrigation systems, and
alternative energy applied on small scale.
Children: raising awareness  groups, remedial classes, leadership and
community service,  training,  career counselling camp, biodiversity
and natural environment…
Their website contains lots of useful information. We are in
possession of the last annual report of all activities.
With regard to accommodation and food provision they are unable to
finance it, however they can advice on economic places for 16-25 € /
month. Basic food would be additional 100-150 €/ month.
According to volunteers you would spend between 150-300 € monthly for
accommodation and food.
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